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Philadelphia Commandery

The Philadelphia Commandery holds luncheons throughout the year. These luncheons introduce a guest speaker discussing areas of interest to the US Navy, Marines, and naval services. Luncheons are held at historic venues throughout downtown Philadelphia. (All events  require gentlemen to wear jacket and tie).

The Philadelphia Commandery also joins other veteran and naval/militry organizations locally in commemorating historical events, such as the Battle of Manila Bay aboard the USS Olympia (now home ported in Philadelphia0.  The commemorations are  in support of the Naval Order's mission to preserve naval and maritime history.

Naval Order of the United States


National and Commandery Sites

The Naval Order of the United States is the living history of our sea going services. Our membership keeps history alive through the restoration of historic artifacts, establishment of memorials at key sites, and the active collection of our shared history through academic papers, published works, and ad hoc stories.

We are a growing community of members spanning multiple generations and military engagements. Using written, visual, aural and social media, we tell our stories and work as a community to build, restore, and commemorate our treasured national history of those who went to sea in the name of our country.

Please visit our national website, or one of our commandery websites if you plan on travelling to that location.

National Website

National Capitol Commander Washington, D.C. area

New York Commandery

Charleston, South Carolina Commandery

First Coast, Northern Florida

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The Naval Order Foundation

The Naval Order of the United States Foundation or simply the Naval Order Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and granted exemption status from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a public charity.  It enables the Naval Order to solicit and receive gifts, donations and bequests from individuals, trusts and other foundations and corporations; it is the funding source for all Naval Order projects.  In compliance with the Tax Reconciliation Act of 1933, gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Naval Order Monument, Normany


Naval Order Monument, Normandy


Admiral Chester Nimitz, Pearl Harbor


Admiral Chester Nimitz, Pearl Harbor